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I'm a 34 year old working mum of two preschool children who loves all sorts of crafts; I taught myself to knit as a teenager almost 20 years ago, but wasn't particularly productive with it - all I did was knit little squares of different stitches, unravel them and start again!  I suppose it was because I used to watch my mum knit without patterns - she is so good at it (all she'd do was grab a person, measure them, knit a tension square and off she went!), that I was a little bit daunted and wrote myself off as a rubbish knitter.  It wasn't until, one day aged 26 that, wandering around John Lewis I stumbled into the Haberdashery department and was entranced by the huge selection of yarns and fabrics and, (lo and behold!) knitting magazines that I really started to give it a go.  I knitted a few cardis but I wasn't particularly feverish about it.

My passion for crafting was re-ignited by having children - there is something so satisfying about something that is handmade and unique.  And, because children are so small, clothes can be worked up quickly before interest and/or motivation is lost.

I had always thought crochet a rather old-fashioned craft....  What on earth would I do with so many doilies anyway?  Then, I stumbled upon some amigurumi patterns and who can resist the adorable little cuddly toys with over-size heads?  Making toys was the perfect way to use up my random odd balls, especially as most of my oddments are not labelled, and size and tension does not matter with toys.  I've been doing it since August 2011, and I am hooked!

So here I am sharing my love of crafting with this blog that I started in January 2012, designing things that I hope prove that knitting and crochet is not just for old biddies (sorry if you are an old biddy looking at my site!!!), and putting up tutorials that I hope take some of the mystery out of knitting and crochet.

I hope you like my site, and am always happy to receive feedback.  Join the site as a follower, post comments, queue projects on Ravelry, follow me on Facebook for updates and previews, or email me on craftymamasanchez@hotmail.co.uk.  I would love to be sent crafting books and product samples to test and/or review, so if you have a brilliant product please contact me!

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