Crochet & Knitting Patterns

All UK terminology 

Cuddlie Steggie
Kokeshi Doll
Mini-me sun hat
Tinker Bell's leaf dress
Lovely little leaves
Wide-brimmed sun hat
Bottle carrier
Egg cosy/caddy/critter
MY WINE coasters
Crochet yoke dress
Doll's mermaid dress
Mug hugging coaster
Doll's ruffle dress
Roary Lion


  1. Hello Mama,
    Isn't being a Mama the most wonderful thing in the world? I am now a Grammy and love it too. But when I became a Mama I really was all I wanted to be.I was really blessed too. A baby girl and a baby boy were my pride and joy. Then my husband and I were blessed with my nieces too. So with 4 little ones and the love to create I always kept busy making things for them. I love to crochet,sew,paint and make miniature dollhouses. I am now 58 and still love making things for the kids and grand kids. I just started following you on Pinterest and wanted to comment here to tell you your work is wonderful. I love your crochet patterns. I have made some up over the years also. I will try to post any of your patterns I do so you can see. Have a wonderful day. Alisa

    1. Being a mother is amazing and I really miss them during the day now that I'm back at work full time!! Thank you for your lovely comments. I still make time for crafting, but I have to admit, I do find it trickier to make time to take pictures of my crafting so don't end up blogging anywhere near as often as I would like =(

      I'd love to see your photos =)