Saturday, 4 February 2012

Revelry on Ravelry

If you're a fan of knitting and/or crochet, you really should have a bookmark to Ravelry It really is, in my opinion, the most amazing website ever. There are thousands of patterns and instructionals available both paid and for free. In fact, if you're that way inclined, you can post your own patterns to share them with others (as I have started doing).

My niece is obsessed with Angry Birds so for her birthday I made her some Angry redbirds and evil pigs, and seeing as it was her birthday and I had only a fortnight to make them, I didn't fancy designing them myself.  I found two great pattens by Koko Penguin: Angry Red Bird and Evil Green Pig.

I used Patons Smoothie DK, a 100% acrylic yarn that comes in just the right shade of green for evil pigs! It's a very vibrant yarn with a smooth sheen to its finish. Working with a 3.5mm crochet hook was quite tiring and I was glad to get to the end of the project. I was aiming to make as many birds and pigs as I could from one ball of red and green but gave up after making three of each because my hands were so sore!  I changed the pigs' ears and added a set of black tail feathers to the birds.

They are great little things and a at roughly 6cm tall, they are great for throwing!

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