Sunday, 27 May 2012

'I can never find my phone in this huge bag!'

I've never been one to be over-precious about my phone and have never bought a posh phone case....  What's the point - I'll get a free upgrade in 18 months, right?  So why on earth did I make myself a phone sock?  Well, it just started as my first ever attempt at Tunisian crochet (I've always loved the woven look of the fabric and wanted to try it), and because I bought a double-ended hook I wanted to try working it in two colours in the round.  After a few rounds, and because I just happened to make my practice piece the correct circumference, I decided to make a phone sock. 

Now that I've made it, I simply can't understand why I didn't make one before!!  I added a button at the bottom for easy access and a button hole at the top for  attaching a lanyard.  I made two: one long enough to wear around my neck for when I don't want to carry a bag, and one for attaching to my bag handle or for sliding on to my belt.

I wish I'd made one when the kids were still in nappies and I was always carrying around an over-sized nappy bag.....  I'm not the only one am I?  I had the biggest change bag ever and always managed to fill it with all manner of junk, most of which I didn't need, and the things I did need (phone, wallet, keys) would always get lost somewhere in amongst the nappies, baby wipes, and the various mystery items the kids would end up throwing in.  Now, I can just attach my phone to my bag handle, pushchair handle or belt so I can quickly find it.  Now the kids are out of nappies, I often take them out for quick trips without a bag at all and I can just button my lanyard onto to phone sock, throw in a cash card and some cash and off I go =)

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