Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Old clothes, 'new cushion'

Ta da!!!  I've finally finished the quilted cushion cover I made from old clothes.  I started it back in January and it feels like I've been working on it forever.  In actual fact, it took me just over two hours to rotary cut the fabric and piece the quilt top.  I've been holding on to the quilted cushion cover top for ages because I've not had time to go to quilting group (poorly kids followed by a poorly me).  About a month ago I finally decided to buy myself a working foot and it finally arrived this morning.  No, I didn't have it sent from the slowest company ever, I didn't finalise my transaction properly......  Flipping heck!  PayPal requests so many blimming confirmations of transaction!  I was such a fool, it took me over three weeks to look into contacting the seller and in looking for the confirmations, I realised there wasn't one.  Duh!

As soon as I received my package this morning, my sewing machine was out with walking foot attached.  I used some bias tape I'd bought for the binding, and I have to say, I almost lost the will to live while hand-sewing the back of the binding in place, but it was definitely worth it.  I have to say, I'm feeling rather smug about how 'clever' I am for using the front of a shirt I spotted in my husband's pile of things to throw out as the cushion cover back.  How lazy am I?  No button-holing and no having to sew buttons in place!!! 

I opted for mitred binding, which I thought would be tricky but was surprisingly easy.  I didn't really think this quilt out beforehand as it was my practice piece....  Next time I'll do mitred borders as well as mitred binding for a neater finish.

Well, the girl loves it and used it in place of her pillow last night and then carried it downstairs with her today.  I'm pretty pleased with my first ever quilting project and am looking forward to making a whole load of things from the old clothes I've amassed since January =)

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