Thursday, 21 June 2012

A littl loo-roll love....

I love doing artwork with the kids, even if it all they're doing it dipping their hands into paint and smacking it onto paper!!!  Sure, they make an awful mess and I find myself cleaning paint of faces, legs and hair, but they have fun and it kills at least an hour a day (yes, my three-and-a-half year old and two year old really do love artwork that they will sit still for that long!).  Plus, making controlled mess develops their co-ordination skills so I really don't mind the mess.

I try to vary what they do and if a holiday or birthday is coming up, I let them loose decorating hearts, Easter eggs, Christmas trees or whatever else is appropriate at the time.  When I was teaching them shapes, I cut up manky potatoes and made carved stampers out of them.  Today however, we are living in the Hubbard house (because we're off away for the weekend) and there's absolutely no fresh produce in the house.

Then the kitchen roll ran out too so I decided to make some very simple stampers with the cardboard tube.  I cut it in half to make a circle 'stamper' (no explanation needed there!) and turned the other half into a heart stamper.  I folded it so as to flatten the circle, then turned one point inwards to make a heart shape.  After reinforcing it with a little masking tape to hold its shape, I handed over to the kids and let them do their thing.

So simple and hardly worth posting about, but it kept two pre-schoolers very happy this afternoon!  And the best thing is, I don't have any stampers to clean because they'll go straight into the recycling bin =)

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