Tuesday, 12 June 2012

More stash-busting mug hugs!

I am absolutely itching to get out to buy some gorgeous yarns for some new projects but my new-found self-discipline that has come with having children (who am I kidding?  It's purely single-income-family-induced!!) tells me I have to use up all of my stash first.  What better way of using up little odd balls than making a whole load of mug hugger coasters?  With only three mug huggers in the house, we didn't have enough for when gets were round!

My original mug huggers had button loops that passed over the handles of the mugs but I decided to make my new ones with button hole bands that pass under the handle for two reasons: the mug huggers are more versatile and can be used with different height mugs and hubby kept complaining that the mug hugger came up too high on the mug and got in the way of his lip as he drank his tea!!!

Here's how I did it: 

Button hole row 1:  After working the mug hugger 1" shorter than I wanted its finished height to be, I started the button hole band.  I like my buttons to face outwards when I hold my mug with my right hand, so after reaching the end of a wrong-side row, I worked a chain of length 8. 
Button hole row 2:  I turned and started the next row in the second chain from the hook.
Button hole row 3:  Work the row until 6 stitches remain, chain 4, skip 4 stitches, work the last 2 stitches
Button hole row 4:  Work first 2 stitches.  When working button holes, I find it easier to work the stitches to wrap the chain rather than work into the chains.  Work 4 stitches to wrap the chain, then work to the end of the row

Work 2 more rows, break yarn and weave in loose ends.

I like using quite large buttons, or indeed co-ordinating crochet ball buttons (see my water bottle carrier pattern for how to make a crochet ball button).  You may find you need to alter the size of your button holes depending on the buttons you decide to use.

I think I'm well on my way to banish these resilient and pesky odd balls!

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