Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pretty painted piñatas :-)

We finished painting our piñatas with a layer of water based paint just before supper yesterday. I don't suppose it's essential but we did it simply because the old magazines were not that pretty and so that if the kids miss bits when we start sticking the tissue paper on, at least they will still look lovely. I think they've done a wonderful job! Of course I had to paint the Angry bird one (the girl is only three and a half and the boy two!), and the dinosaur spikes because the boy became restless and returned to charging about the house!

They're proud as punch with them and ran straight to Papa when he got home from work to drag him to their masterpieces! We probably won't get round to adding the tissue paper and eyes until tomorrow - there are far too many huge muddy puddles to be wasting time indoors! The girl was horrified when i explained that they're to be filled and then bashed to pieces, but by the time it was time for their bath she told me 'Mummy I'd like a big stick so I can poke my piggy!'. I reckon she's just had so much fun that she doesn't mind if she ends up having to make a new one! To be honest, I loved it too and am now thinking of any excuse to tear up more old magazines and get out the flour paste.... Is it obscenely early to start making Christmas bauble gift piñatas?

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